I love string bikinis. String bikinis for men with their narrow sides, tiny front pouches and just enough rear coverage to be legal backs are some of the most fun and exciting swimsuits you can wear. They look great and when you get the right suit they fit wonderful too. I have been wearing these micro swimsuits for many years and when I first started wearing them very few men in the USA would wear anything smaller than a Speedo. On my trips to Europe it was the total opposite with most men wearing bikinis, thongs and even ultra micro G-strings. That has changed to an incredible extent in the USA with many men now wearing the smallest swimsuits ever. We seem to be leading the way in micro men's swimwear design. String bikinis for men along with thongs, G-strings and micro shorts can now be seen at all the hottest beaches worldwide including many in the USA. The string bikini is one of the best suits to start off with when you are changing from shorts. They are truly sexy but they still over full front and rear coverage though some barely offer it. Make sure to get a little sun before wearing them out in public so that old shorts tan-line is gone. Most men shave or wax their pubic area now but that is a must when wearing bikinis, thongs or G-strings. You need a smooth clean look to wear these suits and have them look their best and your best too.

String Bikinis for Men

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