String Bikinis for Men Still Popular after All These Years

When string bikinis for men first started hitting the beaches and resort swimming pools, they were quite scandalous in many places. It seems that the majority of the population felt that no one should appear in public quite so naked. Well, almost naked. Granted, these string bikinis leave next to nothing to the imagination but that is not always a bad thing. The asses on a lot of men who choose to wear these swimsuits are well worth showing off and getting the attention they so deserve. It took quite a while for this particular style of men’s bikinis to catch on simply because they do show so much bare skin. However, once bikinis caught on and were accepted as the norm, it did not seem to take that much longer for string bikinis for men to be almost as well accepted. It all really depends on the shape the man’s body is in and how he wears the suit.

About Us

The Boys at String Bikinis for Men

We are in fact the most enthusiastic men's bikini swimwear lovers on the planet. That is a bold statement which as a group we can back up The about us part is simple we ware a small group of guys in Los Angeles who get together at the best bikini beaches and try to out do each other wearing sexy and extreme swimwear with string bikinis for men being some of our favorites. We also enjoy preaching the gospel to men we meet, for the most part at the beach who are interested in our sexy suits. When we first started going down to the beach years ago in swimsuits that barely covered a thing only the most daring guys would come up and ask questions of which would always be happy to answer and of course try to convert the him to a bikini man. In those days more women came up to us asking about suits for boyfriends and husbands. The trend has changed a lot over the past couple of years with more men than ever getting information about sexy suits and all of a sudden they are hanging out with us the following week wearing something hot. This trend is much larger than us because it is happening at beaches all over with hot bikinis including string bikinis for men becoming mainstream suits. We still enjoy getting men to make the transformation.

String bikinis for men
String bikinis for men

Finding the Ideal Swimwear for Men

It is safe to say that a lot of the male population despises shopping for clothing items, although when it comes to the ideal swimwear for men; you just have to suck it up and get things done. This is especially true when you have to go out shopping for your swimwear in a physical store. Granted, there are also a lot of men who do not mind shopping in favor of staying home on the couch and watching a sports event. You will recognize them by the perfectly fitted swimsuits they wear at the beach or around resort swimming pools. They can also be seen at any pool parties that you are lucky enough to be invited to attend. The point is how did they find such ideal swimwear that fits them so perfectly.

Let’s first tackle the subject of those guys that simply detest shopping for swimwear for men. Those guys tend to show up in the same swimsuits season after season and then wonder why no one pays any attention to them. It is like they are wearing such boring swimsuits that they have become invisible. All men want to be admired and lusted after when they hit their favorite swimming venues. The problem is that that will never happen as long as you continue to wear such out of season and plain looking swimsuits. No one is going to pay any attention to you because you refuse to go shopping for the ideal swimwear.  If you do not want to spend the time putting forth a bit of effort in locating the perfect swimsuit, then it will be evident.

Now, for those guys who find other ways to shop for the perfect swimwear for men, there are many options that you can utilize. The best news for some of you is that you can find all of the latest styles in swimsuits and never leave the comfort and privacy of your own home while still finding all of the most stylish swimsuits by the most current designers. Actually, shopping online for these swimsuits might end up being what you would rather do. You do not have to worry about finding a decent parking place at the mall or have a sales associate lurking around you while you peruse the off the rack swimwear. In fact, you just may find the best choices right there online.