I love string bikinis. String bikinis for men with their narrow sides, tiny front pouches and just enough rear coverage to be legal backs are some of the most fun and exciting swimsuits you can wear. They look great and when you get the right suit they fit wonderful too. I have been wearing these micro swimsuits for many years and when I first started wearing them very few men in the USA would wear anything smaller than a Speedo. On my trips to Europe it was the total opposite with most men wearing bikinis, thongs and even ultra micro G-strings. That has changed to an incredible extent in the USA with many men now wearing the smallest swimsuits ever. We seem to be leading the way in micro men's swimwear design. String bikinis for men along with thongs, G-strings and micro shorts can now be seen at all the hottest beaches worldwide including many in the USA. The string bikini is one of the best suits to start off with when you are changing from shorts. They are truly sexy but they still over full front and rear coverage though some barely offer it. Make sure to get a little sun before wearing them out in public so that old shorts tan-line is gone. Most men shave or wax their pubic area now but that is a must when wearing bikinis, thongs or G-strings. You need a smooth clean look to wear these suits and have them look their best and your best too.

String Bikinis for Men

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Liberate Yourself in String Bikinis for Men

Wearing string bikinis for men is something that is making the rounds on all the hottest beaches out there these days. Guys are taking the risk of being laughed at in order to show off their bodies in ways never seen before in public. They might get a lot of people looking at them in strange ways, but people are also looking at them and wondering what it would be like to feel that free. The only way to know how liberating it is to wear string bikinis for men is to buy one for yourself and try it on, though. Just think about how great it would be to head out to the beach and walk around in something that shows off your best side not matter which way you turn. That is what these guys are getting to enjoy all the time and you know that you want to be a part of that world. Now is the time to free your soul and your body for the entire world to see and enjoy.

Change the World with String Bikinis for Men

You may not be aware of string bikinis for men and that is perfectly normal. Most people probably do not even notice that there are guys walking around on the beach in these amazing bikinis. The ones they do notice probably are not vying for their attention in the first place. The main reason for this is that most guys are afraid of the reactions they might get from wearing something so unique in public. You can't blame them as everyone has their own opinion of what is morally objectionable in today’s society. Too bad these same people could not come to the realization that some people just want to enjoy their lives and as long as they are not harming anyone else, they should be allowed to do just that. The only way to change the minds of the people around you is by getting out there in your own string bikinis for men and showing the world that everyone can be just as happy and comfortable as you.

String Bikinis for Men

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to wear string bikinis for men? You may believe that these swimsuits are designed for men who are body builders or just those guys who really get into staying shape. Well, you are partly correct in believing that body builders get plenty of use from these swimsuits because they are seen competing against other body builders and those string bikinis really show off their well-toned, oil covered bodies. As for those other guys who just like to look good at the beach or their favorite swimming venue, you can become one of those guys, too. You just have to want it and have the motivation to get you working out regularly as well as a healthy diet. If you want to be a man who can successfully wear a string bikini, it is all in your hands as to just how badly you want it to happen.

Swimwear for Men

At times, it seems that the history of swimwear for men has been a very high mountain to climb. In truth, the road has been rather long. The main reason for this is that the rigid rule of not showing any bare body parts where others can see them was always in place. The exception to this hard and fast rule would probably be if a couple are nude together. Of course, rules are meant to be broken so it is almost certain that those deep and strong yearnings of the body caused this rule to be broken more often than not. Beginning earlier than most would have liked, an outcry was made to find some sort of swimsuits. In that way, everyone with an affinity for swimming or even just wading in water, were granted some sort of compromise.

One of the first signs of this compromise was the appearance of a little more revealing swimwear for men. This happened but it happened rather slowly. Those horrible early swimsuits for guys were nothing short of a very laughable joke. No one would stand up for getting swimsuits that looked really good. That may be due to people not being allowed to even have thoughts of a sexual nature. Obviously, humans being humans; they thought about sex a lot. Many acted on their urges but ended up in the confessional booth to get absolution until they do those naughty things again. Granted, those first ugly swimsuits may not have shown much but they only made people more curious.

Finally, the styles of swimwear for men began to gradually change into something a bit sexier and showed more bare body. Remember that this transformation did not happen overnight, but those subtle changes paved the way for an actual sexy swimsuit that men could wear and proudly show off their well kept bodies. Once the men were starting to get out of those unflattering garments that they swam in, it was the women’s turn to see what could be done. It only seemed fair that women should have sexy swimsuits, too. However, their swimsuit styles began very tiny and even tinier. Now, both men and women have striking swimsuits. Both sides seem to be much happier.

String Bikinis for Men

Women have worn tiny little garments for years. They have been worn as swimsuits, underwear, and exotic dancers all over the world wear them to entice men to give them money. These days, string bikinis for men have found their place in the land of sexiness right along side the women.  Nothing is sexier than string bikinis for men as they stroll along the beach or around the swimming pool of your favorite resort. Many guys absolutely love to have a chance to show off their marvelous, sculpted bodies and string bikinis certainly give them the opportunity to do just that. String bikinis possibly started to get noticed when male exotic dancers gained a lot of attention. These sexy creatures looked amazing as they danced to some pretty hot music. Women loved this show, and lots of men enjoyed them also. If you have a remarkable body, you might want to at least try one. Who knows? It might just be the perfect fit for a new you.